This is an FAQ page which houses questions that may be on your mind when you are considering using me for your design plans, and that is totally okay! I wrote these up because I thought it would help you get immediate answers you can refer back to, you can always express your questions directly as well.

How long would you take?

I try to finish my orders as soon as possible, most times I will be able to give the finished product within 24 hours. It would depend on the complexity of the order and any changes that is needed but I pride myself in being veeeeeeeeeeery quick!

How do I pay?

As my clients are from across the world, I use PayPal exclusively. It’s easy to set up and accepts most currencies!

Which currency do you charge in?

All prices are in USD.

How much do you charge?

My prices depend on what the requirements are and how much work will need to go into it to bring it to life. My rates are always competitive. If you have a budget in mind I will try and work within it to make sure you get what you are after!

What all do you do?

I want to take the easy route and say EVERYTHING! But I don’t want to take the easy route so I will make a quick list!

  • Panels for Twitch
  • Banners for YouTube
  • Logos
  • Social Media Headers (Twitter/Facebook/etc)
  • Emotes for Twitch
  • Intros and Outros for YouTube
  • Overlays for Twitch / YouTube (static)
  • Overlays for Twitch / YouTube (with animation)
  • Scenes (like BRB, Stream Starting, Stream Ending)
  • ????

The reason I have ???? on there is because I will never say I can’t do something before I try. So you can hit me up with your wildest craziest idea and I can promise you that I will TRY to get that to reality.

Do you need a deposit to start?

I don’t have a blanket rule for deposits, it is considered on a case by case basis, any deposit I do take (if I take at all) will be refunded if I can’t finish the job.

What if I want to make changes?

I’ll do them! If the version I give you isn’t exactly what you had in mind or better, then I’ll help get it there! I don’t have a fixed number of revisions allowed or anything because I want the client, that’s you, to be totally happy with the end product. I’m willing to work as long as it takes to finish it.

I want the raw files in case I choose another designer next time or want to modify certain things down the line, what should I do?

I do not work with Photoshop, but GIMP. The same thing goes for my video editing, I use DaVinci Resolve for video and After Effects for special effects. If you’d like the raw files for the project, it will be in those file formats (.xcf for GIMP and so on). All you gotta do is ask.


The way I see it, it’s your property anyways!